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       Sunday  9,  2001

     New Jersey Notebook

     Who let the Democrats out?

                   It was political Woodstockmeets Parrotville on Camden's marina Thursday night.
             There were politicians in Levi's bouncing to the beat of Jimmy Buffett. And there were beer-swilling
           Parrotheads in grass skirts talking politics.
           In the midst of it all, presiding like Gatsby, was Democratic power broker George E. Norcross 3d,
           who with Assemblyman Joe Roberts (D., Camden) threw an invitation-only, pre-Jimmy Buffett
           concert party on Camden's marina.
           Gatekeepers passed out glow-in-the-dark wristbands to keep the uninitiated outside. Inside, the party
           was an education.
                 There was Camden County Surrogate Patricia Egan Jones bouncing to "Who Let the Dogs Out?"
           played by the Parrotville Band.
                 There was Assemblywoman Mary Previte (D., Camden) saying she was leaving the party because
           her dental fillings were ringing to the music.
                 There was Assemblyman Louis Greenwald (D., Camden), minus the stuffy suit and tie and in casual
         wear that included "parrothead" beads around his neck.
         And there was the familiar circle of political loyalists, who even though they might not have cared for
         Buffett and Parrotville, felt compelled to attend. They managed to pass the time by hitting the impressive
         spread of food - not to mention the bar.
             When all was said and done, the Buffett faithful made their way to the concert - but that, alas, wasn't on
       Norcross. You had to bring your own ticket. - Angela Couloumbis and Dwight Ott, in Camden
                                                Inquirer Sunday 9/901


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