Published: May 2000
Story: Ashley M. Burkholder
Photo: Press Photo

This New York-based quintet is willing to take you on  a melodic trip to paradise, Margaritaville, or somewhere south of the border. "It's like when you're on  vacation," says lead vocalist "Remy" St. Martin  (pictured). "How can you not have a good time? When we  come into town, we try to bring that vacation with us."

Parrotbeach, foremost a Jimmy Buffet tribute band, also shakes up the act with some other Caribbean and reggae covers, or up-tempo ska. St. Martin categorizes it as "drunken Caribbean rock 'n roll. People go nuts!  Everybody's partying, singing with us, having a good  time. You've gotta come out especially if you're a  Buffet fan."

So why not stick to what's working? Parrotbeach's  repertoire contains all covers and they've been making  a full-time living out of the act for two years,  traveling up and down the East Coast (or wherever the sea breeze carries them). "A lot of people can relate to  Buffet's songs," says St. Martin, "because it brings  people to different places and his words tell a story."  A couple of his favorite tunes are "Pirate Looks 40" and "One Particular Harbor." St. Martin's band mates include "Sunny D" on guitar, "Jah" on bass, "Hurricane Harris" on keyboards, and "Spider Jon" on drums.


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