Remy St. Martin   vocals, guitar,
Hurricane         keys, island sounds, vocals
Jah                   bass, vocals, inspiration
Jax       drums, percussion, vocals
Mojito       guitar, vocals

   The most exciting show to, hit the circuit in years. Clubs, parties, fairs, festivals, major corporate events. Formerly kown as Parrotville, PARROTBEACH will have you singing, laughing, and dancing in the streets. Whether you're a Parrothead or just a beach lover, bring the children bring the wife you'll be in  for the time of your life. They will bring the season with them. Doing the best ofJimmy Buffett along with your all time favorite island tunes, Parrotbeach will take you back to that unforgettable island vacation. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, all you got to do is call, PARROTBEACH  will make it happen!
     Parrotbeach is one of the few full time Buffett bands. They have been together for approximately 10 years, they met while playing in local club and original bands. The members of Parrotbeach hail from across our great nation, giving their sound a variation of musical influences. From Florida to Virginia, Hawaii to N.YC.  Parrotbeach has the feel.
   People always ask "How did they get those unusual names? " It's very quite simple
Remy St. Martin vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion was named after his father's favorite drink.
Jah bass guitar, vocals the spiritual leader of the band, was given his name by Remy,  who thought it had something to do with a ancient Egyptian Ruler ( Rah, you knuckle head).
Hurricane keyboards, vocals acquired his name after many months at sea ( during his cruise circuit ), he would sit at his piano playing during the worst part of a hurricane and not stop until it was over. "A very strange human being " says Remy.
guitar, vocals. A very interesting  character.
He got his name while doing the road show for Zanadu. He was in a bar in D.C. where he drank two pitchers of Mojitos and actually walked out on his own, went back and played the show without a mistake. The name stuck.
Jax drums, vocals, percussion got his nickname while living in Hawaii. I surfin fanatic, he was soon surfin with the pros. He took up drums after a shark bite off his big toe. Remy says, "If you give him something to bang on, he'll make music out of it."
   Altogether Parrotbeach has over 107 years of musical experience from live performances to the art of studio recording, Parrotbeach always comes prepared. If you have ever seen them in concert, you would agree, these guys love their music. Come along on their musical journey through wind, sands and sea. You'll never forget that vacation.
     So join them now MON and you will always remember the magic . Grab your FINS, bring your Boat Drinks, eat your CHEESEBURGER, change your whole attitude and latitude Parrotville will take you to a  PARROTDISE
right here on EARTH !!!

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